Taste of Chale’t, Taste of Nature Fill the taste of nature…Combining the warmth of genuine wood at Café Amazon

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When talking about warming style coffee shop in a natural atmosphere. Which expands the market from famous pumps until now has more than 2,600 branches both in Thailand and abroad. This minute, no one will not know Café Amazon. Which anyone who is a follower of Cafe Amazon would be familiar with the shop decoration. That emphasizes the intimacy of nature like being in the middle of the Amazon forest. According to the beautiful slogan “Taste of Nature” and now we would like to take you to see the cafe style of the Amazon Cafe 3 branches in Thailand. That is called Bring real wood to decorate to answer the most natural. Start at Phra Pin 3 Village Branch, Nonthaburi Province that decorated perfectly with a combination of CHALE'T real wood and other materials Until becoming a Cafe Amazon. That has perfectly blended nature with architecture. The actual wood used is Weather Groove siding wood. In the ceiling part, using a steel frame. Confident in the strength of the whole building body and the building structure can be 100%. Especially real wood that is stronger than the wood substitutes of course. Including the natural color of wood, because it is made from real wood. Compress solution protect the termite, moth, mold and insects destroying wood. With an effective compression machine The only one in Thailand.

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