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Garden decoration, in addition to placing various trees to be beautiful adding laths can help add more trick to your garden. It also helps to increase user privacy. By also hide from view of the outside people as well. Things to keep in mind when wood is in the garden is wood must protect against insects. "CHALE'T Lath wood" therefore very suitable to be used in lath wood hide from view in the garden. Because of termite protection up to 15 years. It can be said that from the day you put the seedlings in the garden until the trees were big and shaded. "CHALE'T Lath wood" stay with your beautiful garden without a doubt.

Product details CHALE'T Lath

  1. More beautiful with real wood from nature
  2. Easy to use, finish paint
  3. Is real wood to prevent termites
  4. Cheaper than long-term artificial wood
  5. Strong, durable, not easily broken

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Application : Suitable for outdoor lath wood
Size : Thick 1.5 (inch) x Width 1.5 (inch) x Long 2.5 Meter

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