10 things to know before making a wooden decking outside the building to answer the usage

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  1. Resistant to sunlight and rain When exposed to the sun and rain, the floor must not corrode and the color is not pale from the sun licked. Therefore should use wood that is natural color or has been tinted
  2. Scratch resistant Of course, the external floor must be regularly dragged by solids. Therefore should be careful about the color disintegrating. But if the wood of the same color in whole piece will come to help reduce the marks that are more difficult to see.
  3. Insect resistant The wood used should be wood that can protect against external insects. To not damage the wood, especially termites.
  4. Should be flexible, not easily broken The wood chosen should not be too fragile. Because the external floor may vibrate more than usual or encountering roots that may damage wood floors.
  5. Lifetime Service life should be something to keep in mind. Like real wood and artificial wood, have different lifespan. Real wood can be used for longer, able to polish again and again. Artificial wood is cheaper, but has less lifespan.
  6. Installation systems for various types of wood The user should study the structure to install the external balcony wood before installation. Because it affects the life of that wood.
  7. Learn different types of wood Users should learn the types of real wood that will be used in various ways. Because each type of wood has different properties of use, different colors and different strength. 
  8. Learn to use various types of wood coating Using wood coating can help preserve your wood. Also able to help prevent insects as well.
  9. Choose wood that is suitable for the place where the balcony will be installed. Look at the area that will be decking outside and choose the right wood for use.
  10. Construction budget Look at your construction budget before choosing materials. Weigh the age and value of use first.

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