The structure is used and does not disappear! Choose a wooden roof structure.

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Many people may think that using wood for construction is a destroy nature and wasteful use of natural resources. Therefore avoid using steel and cement structures instead. But in truth, wood is a natural resource that can be planted instead such as "Geno truss roof structure" by CHALE'T Which is a prefabricated structure assembled from the factory with engineers to take care and most importantly, also bringing wood from the Planting Forest let's do the structure. Which does not destroy nature. Also can be easily installed. If you choose to use this structure for building. In addition to helping you to conserve nature. You still get quality structural work. Fast and durable construction as well.

Product Detail
Innovative prefabricated wooden roof structure strong and durable. Withstand wind up to 118 kilometers per hour. Through compressed liquid, 20 years termite guarantee. Can design every design. Supports all types of roofing materials. Through baking, reducing stretching, shrinking of wood, light weight, Easy transportation,  installation use less person, save time. Does not rust like steel.

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