Timbertone Wood Stain is a natural dye enhancer. With the charm of the wood surface that will never fade

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Wood stains when applied to the wood, maybe delete wood grain Causing not to see the naturalness of the wood as it should be. But for Timbertone Wood Stain will different from other wood stain. In addition to being able to choose the color we want There is also a color film that is not thick. Not too glossy Suitable for those who like natural wood grain patterns. Moreover, the Microporous Formula pigment will penetrate into the wood without cracking. Helps to extend the useful life as long as desired.

Product Detail : Wood stain, oil formula Model : Solignum Timbertone
Usage : Is a ready-to-use formula in one step Is a wood dye that does not need to be mixed with other coloring substances.
Special Feature : UV protection , Is an oil formula, showing wood grain, color film is not thick

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