Create a good story for life through "PREFAB HOUSE" cozy villa with real wood touch Fulfilling the aesthetics of woodwork for every moment of relaxation

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Among the prefabricated houses that are commonly seen. There is little to see resorts style, but Prefab House from CHALE'T that is different. Is a prefabricated house in a resort style have 11 styles to choose or if you want to design a style according to your liking, you can do that too. Whether it is a villa on an island, a mountain or by the sea. Prefab House from CHALE'T ready to create as desired. Especially if it is a resort on the island may make it inconvenient to find labor And may result in escalating expenses but prefab house system will help control both the cost And the construction period To be more convenient and faster.

Such as The Tarna Align Resort, Koh Tao, Surat Thani prefeb house from CHALE'T that gives a warm, natural touch to users during every leisure time With real wood from the planting forest. The main decorative material of the project that helps keep the house cool Enriched with wood scent Which helps to increase relaxation for all life Let every day relax, full of unforgettable stories.

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