Open the door to nature for aesthetics of life with BIOPHILLIC DESIGN concept.

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When it comes to Biophilic Design People tend to think of designs that are relevant or linked to nature. But in truth its definition is deeper and more meaningful. "Biophillic Design" Considered a design concept to merge the way of life of users in that building to be part of nature. Not just creating architectural works that are in harmony with nature or ecologically designed as many people understand. And once we have lived our lives to be part of nature. What followed is good for both physical and mental health. Which will lead to a better quality of life.

Like Chale’t real wood doors that are made from 100% real wood, complete with function features While also including Biophillic Design concepts. With the need to continuously improve the quality of life of users with the function of use. CHALE'T real wood door can be used both internally and externally Use real wood for production Therefore can decompose naturally. Does not cause environmental impact. Including the glue used is still safe from formaldehyde. User friendly. The edge of the door is made of Finger Joint wood, ensuring that the wood will not twist or bend naturally. Also passing the standard wood drying. Does not stretch, contract or expand. The efficiency in termite prevention Real wood doors from Chalet do better than real wood products on the market. By compressing quality termite protection solutions Safe for both humans and the environment.

It can be seen that with design techniques that give important and environmentally conscious. Pay attention to users Want to create a feeling of relaxation and feeling in harmony with nature for every home life. Resulting in good results for both physical and mental health Including benefits for the long-term quality of life. Whether it helps to improve the air inside the house. Helps to improve mood and clear the mind. Helps to lower blood pressure Reduced heart rate While also helping to reduce stress. Create warmth in the mind. All of this helps to enhance the quality of life of residents according to the concept of Biophillic Design through daily life In which all lives in the house without realizing.

Sounds superficially, then it might be an exaggerated story. But for those who love nature being in the middle of nature. Be part of what you love. Even if it's just some elements in the house. Equal to helping to gain positive energy Resulting in various fields. Anyone wants to open the door of nature, enter life to open to receive good things waiting for sure, then come to enrich life with real wooden doors that give a natural touch to every life like the door from CHALE'T together.

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