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"Wood cutting = creating forests" Important concepts from Sweden Still a concept that is not prevalent in most societies. Because most people still stick to the old belief that wood cutting = deforestation. But today, we will show that logging is a huge benefit, both in the woodworking industry. Including in terms of forest conservation as well. Believe that anyone who love forests. Have probably heard the story of the movie Wood Job well some, which this movie Is a movie that gives us an insight into the forestry industry in Japan that values ​​the timber economy By allowing people to look deeper than before. That building forests is not just planting trees but also includes complete care. Because the most complete forest can be formed must come from planting and take care to be. Including cutting that is correct too. Which the wood cutting to create is an architectural work It is considered to cut trees to create benefits as well. The structure of the CHALE'T Wood Park school building, which is made of real wood, is full of elements that are good for users. And the environment Whether it is lath, siding or terrace wood That helps to complete the design. With the properties of real wood that is superior to artificial wood all components are manufactured to solve problems that often occur with real wood under the concept of CHALE'T Wood Solution.

Beginning with lath in the school doors made of hardwood, finished paint is available, selected from high quality wood. With the beauty of natural patterns Complete the natural touch of CHALE'T Wood Park perfectly. Also the siding is made from hardwood. In addition to providing natural as according to different wood grain is also a structure that is strength, durable, can decompose naturally Including balcony wood which has a installation process that is easier than artificial wood, convenient, fast, filling the natural touch of real wood for this school building full of the aura of woodwork for learners with the spirit of nature love to experience the real wood from various senses truly.

Compared to the artificial wood like fiber cement, Hardwood from CHALE'T is fully qualified. Especially properties that are beneficial to the environment If compared in terms of production. Fiber cement must bring the stone from the mountain explosion to produce which is considered a natural destruction. When looking at the features of use and the strength, including the value versus price. Fiber cement is fragile. Easier to break than real wood, easy to shrink, weighs more and still only last for a few years by the price is not much different.

But if it is real wood, CHALE'T are full of advantages created to solve problems. That often occurs with real wood as already mentioned. From the production process that uses wood from planted forests Get a lightweight piece of work Decompose naturally Through drying to reduce shrinkage or warp. Prevent termites by moth mold by compressing the liquid into the wood from the only single liquid compressors in Thailand. Guaranteed for up to 15 years and if installed by skilled technicians from CHALE'T, the material quality will be guaranteed. It has the certification that every piece of materials helps to fill the texture and texture of real wood for valuable structural work and is more than a strong structure but without life. It can be seen that natural materials are materials that never hurt the world. It is also environmentally friendly. Just like the real wood from CHALE'T never destroys the environment. And still give good things To users always In addition to the warm received from the touch of real wood. The perfection of functionality is another thing that CHALE'T always gives to every customer with sincerity. It can be said that it is a brand that has innovative wood for complete living.

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