Beautiful kitchen with natural wood grain

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Beautiful kitchen with natural wood grain

Kitchen Built-in, aside from having to consider the beauty, the use function is important. Since the kitchen area is quite humid. Therefore, choosing the materials that will be used to make different cabinets In the kitchen should tolerate moisture well. Such as "CHALE'T's fancy plywood" that is beautiful with a surface pasted with wood grain veneer to give a texture like real wood. Gives warmth feeling to the kitchen as well. It also has excellent moisture resistant properties. CHALE'T's fancy plywood can definitely meet your design and usage needs.

Product Detail :
CHALE'T's fancy plywood is the use of thin veneer lay on top quality plywood surface. Show wood grain to be beautiful.

Property :
Fancy plywood will emphasize the natural beauty with real wood veneer surface with a variety of patterns to choose from, such as Teak wood, Ash wood, Beech wood, Maple wood.

How to use :
Suitable for interior decoration work that wants to show real wood grain such as wall, ceiling or furniture. Makes the work look more luxurious. There are 4 grades which are AAA, AA, B, C

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Beautiful kitchen with natural wood grain
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