"CHALE'T Real wood floor" With the dimension of touching nature in the midst of luxury at The Bangkok Sathorn

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It's natural that people tend to choose the best things for themselves always also for houses or residences too. We are always meticulous in choosing and arranging every step with care. Whether the decoration style, material selection Including the color tone of the room That helps answer the beauty problem and can also have an effect on the mood of the residents clearly. In which the attention to various elements These are not only good for users. But also helps to increase value, harmony create and livable for various places too. As The Bangkok Sathorn project chose real wood flooring from CHALE'T to create a dimension of harmony between nature and architectural works.

The Bangkok Sathorn Project is Luxury Condominium built under the concept of "Precious Living" for the best value of living. It can be said that it stands out since the building design. Guaranteed with prizes "International property award" high living condo type. From the idea of using glass to decorate the entire building Including Facade which is decorated with glass with crystal corners. Looks luxurious and adds airness to the next level. Moved to look at the selection of interior materials for the room. All materials used for decoration are premium materials. In order to allow the residents to live comfortably In the midst of luxury every day. But although designed on the basis of modern luxury Still does not leave the aura of living with nature By choosing real wood flooring from CHALE'T White Oak color. Helps to increase the brightness, warm, comfort of the eyes and helps  the room in this condo in the city center Look luxuriously and without flawlessness. For real wood flooring from CHALE'T Made of solid wood structure (Tropical Hardwood) 7 layer thick. Placed swap the burr intermittently to increase durability to stretch and contractions, and as a real wood floor Therefore providing beautiful, natural colors, adding to the warm and lively look of the room. It is another luxury material that helps every rest in The Bangkok Sathorn Project full of relaxation and recharge your life with wonder. For the Walk In closet, the project uses wardrobe without shutters by color that matches well with CHALET real wood flooring, White Oak color. Give the room a beautiful, luxury look in the color scheme that fits well in all parts Increase the relaxed mood for every moment of life. Not only providing natural touch and increasing emotional relaxation for users only but CHALE'T real wood flooring there are many interesting features such as the ability to support high impact. Easy to clean Also resistant to household chemicals.

Even through wood drying to reduce moisture problems and reduce twisting of the wood but during use should avoid moisture. Either the humidity from natural factors such as rain or the indirect humidity from cleaning, Moisture from air conditioners for a longer lifespan.

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